How I greatly improved my engagement on Medium in a very short time — and you can too!

Follow these points, and you’ll drastically improve your results, just as it happened to me.

Claudio Autiero 🖋
4 min readSep 8, 2023
Medium Engagement
Image Created by Author With Canva is a social platform for writers and should be considered as such if one aims to optimize profits.

In this story, I’ll tell you how I managed to increase my earnings from the partner program with minimal effort.

I’ll tell you right away: there are no shortcuts.

1. Quality always pays more than quantity.

Simply reaching 100 followers isn’t enough to start earning on, just as merely writing on Medium isn’t enough to start earning. In fact, I emphasize that you don’t even need to write on Medium more frequently to boost your monthly profits. This doesn’t mean that if you write less, you’ll earn more. However, as you can see from this story I posted a few days ago, by drastically reducing the number of stories I published but increasing their quality, I was able to maintain consistent earnings.



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