Nooo! Medium Partner Program did not monetize my stories. How to fix everything!

What to do to receive monetization of stories published before registering for the Medium Partner Program

Claudio Autiero 🖋
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How to monetize stories created before registering for the medium partner program
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You have reached 100 followers and have finally managed to register for the Medium Partner Program.

Maybe you’ve published many stories in which you’ve put a lot of effort to get to those initial 100 followers, right?

Now, all charged and ready to launch into this new business, you start writing your first story and you realize that after you click on Publish, you are asked if you want to make this story monetizable.

Of course, your answer will be yes!

Then you think… but what about all the other stories I’ve already published before registering for the Medium Partner Program?

Well! Know that those stories will not receive any monetization from the Medium Partner Program unless you do the following.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the story you wrote pre-partner program to make it monetizable
  2. Go to the three dots and click on Edit-Story
  3. Now go to the new three dots and click on Manage Meter setting
  4. Click now on Meter your story (This makes it eligible to earn money with the Partner Program)

Repeat this for each of the stories you’ve published before registering for the Medium Partner Program so that each and every one of your stories is monetizable for every single view.

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